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Entrepreneur Game

The best way to learn about running a business without the risks!
“Really enjoyed playing Big Timer. It's like taking a business workshop but disguised as a game. It's fun to play, and at the end you learn practical lessons that you can apply to your own business immediately.”
Khairul Izad
Writer & Coach
“A reflective game to let us see business strategy in terms of trade offs and choices.”
“Highly recommended if you are looking to growth hack and scale your business. Nic and Krista's unique way of coaching through this game helps you look into out-of-the-box strategies for your businesses.”
Soo Xian-Na
Works at an MNC

Leverage Your Business Resources With This Game!

Big Timer is a physical card game for entrepreneurs, start-ups, business coaches and training providers. 

It transforms the way you think about your resources while providing insights and focus to help you accelerate your business.

Invented by Redbox Studio, the game helps you uncover what you need to do if you want to create a business that’s profitable, sustainable and fun.

While it is designed for entrepreneurs, it can also be used in larger organisations and corporations as part of intrapreneurship training. 

Play this game and you’ll never look at your business the same way again!

“Such a fun learning business game! It will give any business owner a big mindset change to do business in smarter ways! Awesome!”
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