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Whether you’re a business owner or a corporate leader aiming to make better decisions, seeing the big picture, anticipating what’s next, and making choices that align with your goals are essential. Learn to enhance your strategic thinking skills in just 30 minutes!

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  • How many people can play this strategy game?

    Three people can play the Big Timer game. This setup facilitates faster gameplay and provides clearer insight into your friends’ thought processes and decision-making skills.

  • What is the duration of a game session?

    A game can be played in 30 minutes with three players per deck of cards. It’s quick to learn and even quicker to play. However, playing the game isn’t the end goal. The game provides opportunities for the facilitator to engage the players in a discussion post-session.

  • Who is the creator of this game?

    Nic Sim of Redbox Studio is the creator of this game. He conceived it in 2014, recognizing that numerous business owners were proceeding in the wrong order, thereby failing to achieve their desired results. This game translates thinking and decision-making into a visual format, enabling business owners to learn how to enhance and concentrate on the essentials in their businesses. The game has undergone beta-testing with a variety of groups and has been enjoyed by entrepreneurs in Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore since 2016. It has also been used in teambuilding settings within corporate companies. 

  • What is unique about the Big Timer game?

    The Big Timer is a strategy game designed for leaders and entrepreneurs to make strategic decisions, manage resources effectively, and elevate their business in a fun and wholesome way. 

    Unlike other games that prioritize money as a vital resource, the Big Timer emphasizes time. Time is a more critical resource than money, given that everyone has an equal amount each day. However, the way we use our time can differ significantly. Some people waste time on trivial business activities, while others optimize their time to achieve substantial results.

    This game mirrors the decision-making processes in our real lives, highlighting the importance of focus. The right focus can drive your business forward, whereas misplaced focus can result in stagnation.

    The game also encourages us to question our strategic assumptions, as the strategy that led to current success may not necessarily lead to future growth.

  • How can I use this game in my own workshop?

    As a coach, trainer, or facilitator, you can utilize the Big Timer game as an educational tool to foster post-game discussions about strategy, time prioritization, goal setting, customers, marketing, and business systems. Please reach out to us for more information.

  • Can I buy this game for my own use?

    At present, the Big Timer game is not available for purchase as it necessitates facilitation to optimize gameplay and enrich participants’ experience. We collaborate with coaches, trainers, and facilitators to make this game accessible to you.

  • How do I join or participate in a game session?

    When Big Timer game workshops are available, they’re listed on this website. To stay updated and informed, join our mailing list.

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