Training For Teams

Get Your Team Together To Play & Plan Your Business Strategy The Fun Way!

Big Timer is a card game for business owners and yet, it can be easily adapted and used in training sessions to help corporations and teams (especially senior managers) learn about resource leveraging in their own organisations.

This exciting game teaches you and your team how to approach key aspects of any organisation’s business such as customers, systems, prioritisation, marketing and collaboration/partnerships.

Each deck of cards can be played by 3 persons. Participants do not challenge or outwit each other to win; they are, in fact, learning from each other’s moves and strategy.

In-depth explanation and facilitation will be conducted after the game session so that you and your team are clear on the outcomes of the game and how these outcomes can be applied to your organisation.

This workshop is recommended if you want to:

  • Participate in a unique, engaging and fun team-building session
  • Uncover and appreciate the biggest resource that no one’s focusing on
  • Embark on quality brainstorming and discussion within the organisation such as customers, products, systems and more

Key Benefits

  • Uncover profit-generating activities in the business
  • Learn which type of customers you should attract 
  • Understand how you can win in a competitive marketplace 
  • Open up real discussions on customers, profit and products 
  • Learn what to focus on and what to disregard or reduce in the organisation 

Who Should Attend

  • Heads of departments
    (HR, R&D, Production, Design, Product, etc.)
  • Senior executives and managers 
  • Marketing and sales teams 

Half Day Workshop

4 Hours Of Discovery and Learning Through Play!

Minimum Pax:
15 persons

Half day workshop, either 9am to 1pm OR 1pm to 5pm

Workshop Location:
Penang only.

(If your organisation is located in other parts of Malaysia, let us know and we can quote separately. Charges will include transport and accommodation.)

RM1,500 per half day workshop for up to 15 persons.

If you have more than 15 persons, contact us for a bulk quote. 

The session is conducted by Nic Sim, the inventor of the game and assisted by his team of facilitators. 

Venue to be provided by the organisation. If preferred, we can offer recommendations on suitable venues too. 

Introduction to Big Timer – concept & objectives – why the game was created – how it benefits your organisation
Demonstration of the game
Big Timer game play – session 1
Game debriefing with Q&A – what did you realize?
Big Timer game play – session 2
Game debriefing with Q&A – what’s different this round? – how did you win?
Discussion & application of key ideas for your team and organisation

What You Can Expect

The insights of the workshop can be used to lead discussions on:

  • Time management and prioritisation
  • Types of customers (internal/external)
  • Products offered and product levels/grades
  • Systems and processes
  • Collaborations and partnerships
  • Websites, intranets and wiki
  • Customer nurturing in the digital era
  • Crisis communications & PR guidelines 
  • Effective marketing (offline and online)

What’s Next

This half day workshop would not be able to explore all emerging topics in depth during the game session.

Participants may request for separate workshops to further explore these topics if the need arises.

Contact us if you are keen to use this game in your team-building session or in-house workshop.

To explore or learn more about this game, join us for our public discovery sessions